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Designs role in technology (Part-II)

Designs role in technology (Part-II)

(Continuing after Part-I)


There’s a lot of this one of the mistakes that I see startup do at the early stage is that the first time they would actually show their product to the public or that they will talk to their users is when they have a fully developed product and then they just hope that this is gonna go the way that it was planned but really you can save yourselves a lot of guesswork by having a product designer a new team very early on that would actually prototype ideas show to users and iterate based on that so though how early is that how early do you want them to be apparently part of the very first team that would build the very first product as earlier that I would say this is really the two things the two superpowers that a product designers can give you at an early stage yes I think you know I always come back to Bill Buxton definition of a role of design that you know you’ve got two roles one is designing the thing right yeah but there’s also designing the right thing and I think that designing the right thing part is where there’s been growth in the value and impact of designers and also I would say you know ethnographers user researchers in close coupling with designers to quickly illustrate kind of the the possibilities of what could work in a in a marketplace or in a or in a context as quickly as possible so that you’re reducing the sort of error in the sort of product market fit as early as possible and I think that happens a lot in large companies happens a lot in companies which are oriented at around hardware because there’s much longer time frames and you know much more capital risk but I think it also is starting to happen a lot more in companies at designing services smaller companies like you know certainly is something you know if I try and think back to my sort of startup experience it was something that the whole team was involved in but there was a desire you know a designer as part of the founders team doing that and that was kind of part of the the advance you know we saw it as an advantage in what we were doing to actually be able to quickly illustrate what was going to work yeah as Caroline saying and what is your particular role for a design in your company right now.(will be continuing in next part)


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