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Designs role in technology (Part-I)

Designs role in technology (Part-I)

I remember when we started it was
kind of you know the fight for the user
when we were trying to build these new
products in the late 90s and then design
has evolved and it’s now in my opinion
come pretty far I now see a lot of
companies bringing in designer as an
executive or on the board and it’s even
being you know value to the point where
we actually decided that we should run
our own design driven investment company
doberman forward so a lot of happened
when it comes to design I think the last
20 years what is your take on that what
is the role of design in your current
companies Harlan right so maybe I’ll
leave it to backtrack because a lot of
people have been asking me at slash what
is it that a product design it does and
how it looks like for me at San cloud is
basically to work on a daily basis with
product managers and engineers to build
new features and your product and
there’s two things basically that the
design does at San cloud I would say one
thing is to bring bring clarity on what
we’re building and why we’re building it
because everybody has an idea of what we
should be on next but that idea is
actually very different from one person
to another and business people have a
lot of decks was a lot of bullet points
and product managers try to write specs
on what a feature should do and what
kpi’s they should hit and things like
that but truly it’s when people sees a
design and can interact with the design
even if it’s at a low fidelity level
that everybody has a common
understanding of what this is that we’re
building and that the conversation can
world on whether or not this is a
strategic move for the company to keep
investing into that idea so bringing
clarity is one thing and the second
thing that the design does is to get
initial feedback on early ideas because
there’s a lot of this one of the
mistakes that I see startup do at the
early stage is that the first time they
would actually show their product to the
public or that they will talk to their
users is when they have a fully
developed product and then they just
hope that this is gonna go the way that
it was planned but really you can save
yourselves a lot of guesswork by having
a product designer a new team very early
on that would actually prototype ideas
show to users and iterate based on that
so though how early is that how early do
you want them to be apparently part of
the very first team that would build the
very first product as earlier that I
would say this is really the two things
the two superpowers that a product
designers can give you at an early stage.


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