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Most advance countries with advance technology

Most advance countries with advance technology

Which country has the most advanced technology?

Every country has something special to offer in this global technology competition.
They all have different specialties and, deciding which one has the best answer to your technology definition. If your personal definition of “best technology” revolves around electronics, Japan may be your choice.

Japan :

This country has been named one of the top five economies to develop advanced digital technology. Japan holds the highest quality silicon for processing chips, helping to advance the world of electronics.
He is also a leader in the production of robots where he has been very successful in using robots to reduce the costs of the automotive industry. Also, Tokyo’s public transport system is one of the best and most reliable in the world, with fast trains that can go up to 322km / h.


If you are more for advanced technology in the form of innovative buildings, Singapore is at the top of the list. Singapore’s economic boom has launched an imposing architectural landscape. But while the metropolis continues to grow, urban planners weave nature at all levels. New developments must include plant life, in the form of green roofs, cascading vertical gardens and green walls. In short, real hanging gardens.
The trend to go green is also on the building side – “green” buildings became mandatory in 2008. To compensate for the loss of greenery due to the industrial development of the country, the buildings are covered with flowers and even trees. There are parks on the buildings and bridges connecting the different green spaces of the city.
In addition, Singapore has a relatively dense Internet coverage. In early 2017, their Internet connection speed reached 185 megabytes per second, the highest speed in the world.

United States:

The United States is often considered THE LEADER in technology, but seems to be losing ground. Government funding for scientific research and the development of new technologies has fallen for decades. The smartphones you use every day would not be there if they had not been funded by the government. United States degrees are also the most advanced in science and engineering. In addition, they rank second in the global competitiveness index, which takes into account innovation, the economy and infrastructure.

You may be wondering when China comes into play here.


China is indeed in the lead in the technology industry and is gaining ground relative to the United States.
But in terms of government spending on science and technology research, they are the second-biggest spender and catch up quickly with the United States.
With so many technologically advanced countries, it’s hard to say which is really the “best”. But if it is to help improve the daily life of the inhabitants, everyone is interested.

The countries listed in this article are just a few examples, but to your mind, which country is the most advanced in terms of technology?
Let us know by commenting below…


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